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    Jason Harrer 526a4b3893 Updated OpenNonCoreRulebook tests to use pytest-qt 13 months ago
    Jason Harrer 7e3db39087 OpenCoreRulebook updated w/ pytest-qt 13 months ago
    Jason Harrer 9ff45f473d Fixed RBK.Model.db.NewRulebook so CoreRulebookHash is sought only when creating a non-core workbook 13 months ago
    Jason Harrer c801396df7 New NonCore Rulebook test updated, related errors fixed 13 months ago
    Jason Harrer d13f9b9a52 Using pytest-qt, New Rulebook test now tests and uses GUI for testing 13 months ago
    Jason Harrer 0715008863 Added Open Rulebook tests, both core and noncore 14 months ago
    Jason Harrer 987b6d07e8 Added NewNonCoreRulebook tests 14 months ago
    Jason Harrer efc7daa0bc New Rulebook tests; related code cleanup 14 months ago
    Jason Harrer ade470a534 Prevent data type manipulation in non-core Rulebooks 14 months ago
    Jason Harrer 6e1220d4da Open non-core Rulebook functionality added 14 months ago
    Jason Harrer 9e3d979aa4 New non-core Rulebook functionality added. 14 months ago
    Jason Harrer 7c187b046c Separated Model into separate classes 16 months ago
    jazzyeagle b5efb79933 Beginning sha256 hashes. Doesnt work yet. 17 months ago
    jazzyeagle c4b2b38086 Removed tabs, consolidated to one list and one table. 17 months ago
    jazzyeagle a71446fc98 Reorganized View modules to not be in subdirectories any longer 17 months ago
    jazzyeagle 1126b878ab Remove Field now works, also refactored db code using Either monad. 17 months ago
    jazzyeagle da3a4eef63 DataTypes Table menus; Refactored Add/Remove Dialogs 17 months ago
    jazzyeagle 06702664d4 Reorganized logic 17 months ago
    jazzyeagle 48993eeb73 Reorganized DataTypes code to its own director; added RemoveDialog file for consistency 17 months ago
    jazzyeagle 3eecc39828 Restructured functions to separate view from model/db processes 17 months ago
    jazzyeagle ec44a1b8a3 Corrected pos for contextMenuEvent to convert to listview viewports pos 17 months ago
    jazzyeagle bc321cf3e0 Remove DataType logic added 17 months ago
    jazzyeagle ae5bdda030 Fixed db table creation function 17 months ago
    jazzyeagle b2af2b7f2a Add new DataType 18 months ago
    jazzyeagle 49ac9d4c32 First commit of code 18 months ago
    jazzyeagle b98845930c Updated .gitignore 18 months ago
    Jason Harrer 83e4ffeee2 New repo, adding gitignore first 18 months ago
    jazzyeagle 3165c6bc62 Update 'LICENSE' 18 months ago
    jazzyeagle 7e6bf65c51 Initial commit 18 months ago
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